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We are the South Australian Furry Community! We are an all-ages group for any furries based in South Australia. We're always glad to welcome newcomers and curious locals, so feel free to tag along to one of our furmeets or join us on our social medias!

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About SAFurs

What is SAFurs?

The South Australian Furry Community (SAFurs) is a group for South Australians interested in furry fandom! We are an unincorporated and not-for-profit. We run all our events and social medias out of our love for furry fandom.
You can read more about the history of SAFurs on WikiFur.

The SAFurs Team

Our team is comprised of many dedicated and trusted community members, we put in a lot of hard work to make sure our community is fun and friendly for all!


SAFurs admins are responsible for organisation of major community events, handling incidents, community safety and more.



Cody is non-binary, AuDHD and has more fursonas than they know what to do with. Their main sonas are a sulfur-crested cockatoo, Casper, and a wolf-dog, Seven. They've been a furry in the online space sine 2010 and discovered the local furs in 2016. Cody loves gaming, fursuit making and art. They joined the admin team in 2023 and are forever grateful to have such an awesome team to work with and create fun events with.



Gauge is a green dinosaur, his favourite things to do are play video games and play video games (in particular, Runescape 3).
Gauge joined SAFurs in 2016 where he went onto make many friends and grow what he would now consider family and a home away from home. Being apart of an amazing team, helping run events and media


Any pronouns

Brushworm discovered furries when they moved to Adelaide in 2018. You'd recognise them by their rainbow gecko, Citron and their green dog, Pickle. Brushworm is queer and has found so much acceptance as someone with Autism and ADHD in the furry community, and is determined to help other neurodiverse furs find their place in the community! Brushworm loves arts, crafts and working as a medical researcher. They are always up for a chat and to help new furs find new furry friends.



Buddy (a.k.a Barbie) is a ginger cat and data engineer who joined the fandom in 2015. He found the local community in 2018 and has been heavily involved since. Buddy enjoys organising furmeets, planning and logistics, Python, digital art and silly cats. He always loves seeing new folks discover the group and become regular attendees of furry events.


SAFurs moderators are responsible for operational monitoring of our various social media platforms and for keeping our events safe. They help make sure everyone feels comfortable in our group and are very trusted members of the SAFurs community!



Skandian (or Skandi for short) has been a furry since 2008, and has been active on and off in the community since then. She's mostly known for her dragon fursona (and fursuit) Romulus. She's a full-time carer, with interest in IT as a hobby. Her other interests include TV and movies, reading, Magic the Gathering, and fursuiting.



Jen is cool B)



Kusaki is a grey puma, who’s been a furry since 2018. He’s been a part of the local community for a while, becoming friends with local furs as well as interstate ones over the past few years attending cons. Kusaki is a full time graphic designer by day, a part time furry V-tuber on Twitch at night as well as a DJ. Following his passions within the fandom has been one of his favourite parts of the furry community, DJing at both local events and interstate cons and getting to meet new people and make new friends. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

Join us on social media!

We have a variety of active platforms we use to chat, coordinate meetups and share photos. If you'd like to participate in our community, be sure to join here!

About furries and furry-adjacent communities

Here are some useful guides to newbies to the furry fandom and other furry-adjacent communities and identities! If you're unsure about what some things mean or you have any questions, you can use these pages to learn a bit more about what it means to be a furry and what we get up to!

Resource Pages

  • What is a furry? Some basic information about what furry fandom is for parents and curious newbies.

  • About fursuiting A bit of information about what fursuiting is and how you can get one- including a list of some Australian fursuit makers!

About fursuiting

Fursuits are costumes we wear for fun, often for social outings - similar to the fun you'd get from dressing up at Halloween. Often people get fursuits made of a fursona or character they identify closely with, as these costumes are often extremely personal luxury pieces of art!

Do I need a fursuit to come to events?

Not all of us have them or can afford to have a fursuit, but that doesn't make us less connected to the community. Everyone is welcome to our events with or without a fursuit!

How do I get a fursuit?

You can make your own or buy one! If you'd like to see a list of Australian Fursuit Makers you can buy from, see this list here. You can also come along to our Fursuit Making Hangouts if you'd like to learn how to make one from scratch, see this page here on what to bring if you'd like to come along!

So... what is a furry?

Chances are if you're reading this you are a parent of a furry, a curious newbie to the fandom or you heard of our group somewhere and want to know what we're all about. The furry fandom is becoming increasingly visible in the media and in public spaces. As we appear more and more on TV, social media and out and about, misinformation about what our fandom is about has also become increasingly more common. As furries, we're probably the best ones to explain what we get up to, what our common interest actually is and some of the quirks of our interesting fandom!

Furry fandom is an Internet subculture interested in anthropomorphic animals, you'll often hear people describe things relating to our fandom as 'furry' or identifying as 'furries'. Our fandom has a common interest in animal characters that have human characteristics, like being able to talk and/or stand on two legs.

Unlike a lot of media fans, we furries very often create our own characters that we use to represent ourselves. We call them 'fursonas', a portmanteau of 'furry' and 'persona'. A fursona means many different things to different furries, so it's hard to boil them down to a single purpose. However, most furries would agree that the purpose of a fursona is primarily to represent themselves - either partially or wholly.
Often furries will be seen in costumes or 'fursuits'. You can read more about fursuiting here!

I am a parent of a furry, is my child in danger?

No, being a furry is not dangerous to a young person. However, it is important to ensure your child is engaging in online furry communities in a safe way. As with any online community, there is a tangible risk. Speak to your child and ensure they feel safe and comfortable with discussing their feelings and experiences with you. It is also important you speak to your child about appropriate internet safety to ensure however they engage with the furry fandom. As we are an all-ages group, you are welcome to attend any of our furmeets with your child. If your child is on any of our platforms, you are welcome to join as well and get to know our group better! Infact, we have lots of parents in our community already! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we are always open to providing resources and answering any general queries about our fandom.

Further reading

Community Rules

These are the rules outlining what behaviour we expect of our members. When you join on our social media platforms you will confirm that you have read and understood these rules alongside any platform specific rules.

1. Event Behaviour

1.1 We expect members to treat one another with dignity and respect in person. If you're having trouble with another member please speak to an Admin/Moderator that's present at the event. If no admin or moderator is present at the event, please reach out to us on Telegram or Discord and we will do our best to help you from there.1.2 Unless specified otherwise in the title or event description online, events are 16+ unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.1.3 Be aware of and respect your environment. Do not climb buildings or trees and show respect to the rules and policies of the event location. The team at SAFurs understands accidents happen. Do not intentionally damage the equipment provided by SAFurs. This also includes public and community property.1.4 Do not put stickers on public/community property. If available you may use the provided sticker board/banner to express yourself.1.5 Do not leave your belongings unattended. Any lost property can be given to an admin/moderator in hopes to find its home.1.6 We encourage members to bring items of interest to our events, given these belongings are in relation to the event (e.g. a football to the BBQ, board game to a library etc).1.7 Ask an event organiser for permission before openly selling or setting up any kind of stall. Private sales are welcome to all events, but open selling must be done with consent.1.8 Consent must be gained before photographing or filming other members of the community. Do not photograph or film people without asking. Before sharing images online, be sure that the likeness of any non-consenting parties in a video or photograph is removed/censored.1.9 Do not bring weapons and/or objects that can cause harm to other members to our event spaces.1.10 Do not smoke or vape close to other community members. Use designated smoking/vaping areas if available.1.11 Alcohol is forbidden from our all ages events. Alcohol can be consumed at our 18+ events but must be consumed responsibly. Any member that is too drunk and/or becoming disruptive will be removed from the event.1.12 Pet-friendly events will be mentioned in our event descriptions. Please be hyper vigilant as other small animals such as birds and cats can be present. If you're bringing your pet ensure your pet is caged, leashed or harnessed at all times. Never leave your pet unattended in public spaces. Please do not bring your pet if you're unsure how they may behave around large crowds, fursuits or other animals.

2. Online Behaviour

2.1 You must be old enough to own an account on social media to join any of our platforms, underage users will be removed. If you have joined the server as someone who was underage in the past, you will be given a warning.2.2 Online harassment inside and outside this server is disallowed. We will evaluate instances of harrassment by a server member on a case-by-case basis.2.3 Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and bigotry, subtle or overt, is not welcome here. If you say something bigoted without realising, please take it as an opportunity to learn and grow if someone points out what you said wasn't appropriate.2.4 All genuine identities are respected here, and insensitivity regarding a user's identity will not be tolerated.2.5 Inflammatory, insensitive or inappropriate comments or jokes in any channels are not allowed. (eg. physically threatening a user, making bigoted or insensitive jokes about vulnerable groups, posting violent comments about someone's pet, making light of self-harm, etc ). Comments or slurs that are caught by automod will alert all admins and moderators, and you may be automatically timed out for between one to five minutes.2.6 While genuine discussion is important and encouraged, dismissive or aggressive responses to appropriate discussion points are not okay. While it is important for us to talk about important issues, this is not an excuse to be treated seriously when making bigoted arguments.2.7 Discussion of sensitive or triggering topics should be hidden behind spoilers and tagged appropriately (eg. "cw. (topic) example sensitive discussion").2.8 Anti-furry and anti-nonhuman sentiment is not allowed, this is a furry/furry-friendly space that is welcoming to all furry-adjacent groups and identities. Bad faith trolling or bullying is a bannable offense.2.9 We do not welcome Nazis, Fascists, pedophiles or zoophiles in this space. Individuals whose interests are to harm or exploit vulnerable people or animals are of no interest to the furry fandom or this community.2.10 Please keep interpersonal drama outside of our community spaces. If you have grievances with a user that has not done something against our rules, this is not the space to cause arguments.2.11 Spamming, abusing bots/platform mechanics or consistently intentionally annoying posts are not allowed. If you've been asked not to repeatedly post something and you are asked to stop, you will be given a strike if you ignore the warning.2.12 Please try to respect the boundaries of other users to the best of your abilities, respect and kindness are the cornerstones of a good community.2.13 You're allowed to have multiple accounts on any of our platforms, either as headmates or just because you have seperate accounts. However, being banned will result in all your other accounts being removed. Evading a ban through any means will result in you swiftly being removed again.2.14 Swearing is not against the rules in our all-ages spaces. Particularly inappropriate swear words are censored by one of our automod systems and may result in you being timed out automatically.2.15 Do not post AI generated images or art.

3. Warnings and Moderation

3.1 Breaking any rules in an egregious and purposeful manner will result in a strike from server administrators. Two strikes will result in a permanent ban from all SAFurs medias. If you have had official warnings/strikes as of the release of these rules, you will be considered to have one strike already.3.2 Moderators and administrators exist to ensure that our community spaces remain friendly, approachable and fun for all, if a moderator or administrator requests a particularly heated, unproductive or inappropriate conversation to stop you must listen. You may be timed out or disciplined if you ignore this warning.3.3 Policing poor behaviour in the server is okay in select cases. If you have noticed someone saying or posting something inappropriate, asking them to stop or reconsider is encouraged. In cases like this, please ping a moderator or admin. However, if a moderator or admin is discussing what is and isn't okay, it is important not to escalate a situation and let it be sorted by those who are entrusted in ensuring community safety. If you have concerns still about a situation, please reach out to moderators and admins via our email or any other reporting processes.3.4 In some cases, you may be timed out for anywhere between an hour or a day if you have behaved inappropriately.3.5 We will not ban you for simple misunderstandings or mistakes, we understand that they can happen. Consistent and/or blatant violations of rules will result in administrator intervention.3.6 If you want to discuss decisions by moderators or administrators, you are free to contact us and respectfully make your point.3.7 If you believe a moderator or administrator is acting out of line, you are also free to discuss this privately with another admin or make a ticket.3.8 If you have been banned and would like to appeal or discuss, please contact us at [email protected] or via our webform at http://safurs.com.au.3.9 We can only ban or punish a user for inapropriate behaviour if there is solid proof of their actions in the form of any screenshots, photographs, etc. Rumors are not acceptable testimony, however we will take any first-hand experiences or testimony seriously. If you don't have solid proof something happened but the offending user has agreed that the incident occured, we will take that as solid proof.

Frequently asked questions

I want to join the community! Where do I start?

We have a range of social medias to be apart of. We suggest heading over to our Discord and share a bit about yourself in our Introductions Channel. You are also more than welcome to come along to our events!

Do I need a fursuit to come to events?

No, everyone with or without a fursuit is welcome to all events.

Can I bring my non-furry friends to events?

Yes, as long as they follow our community's rules and are supportive of our fandom!

Where can I see the event calender?

We keep it private but still relatively accessible so we can ensure we know roughly who will be attending. To see our event calender, all you need to do is join any of those social medias! You can find the calender in any of these locations:

  • #event-calendar on Discord

  • The 'Group Events' tab on Facebook

  • The pinned message in our Telegram.

I'm a parent of a young furry, can I attend events with my child?

Yes! Children and parents are welcomed in SAFurs spaces, we have many families apart of our community. Please attend with your child if they are under the age of 16.

My child is under 13 years old, can they attend events even if they can't join SAFurs' social media?

Children under 13 years of age aren't allowed on our social media platforms, but they are allowed at our events as long as they are accompanied by a parent.

Help! I have a question or an issue I'd like to report!

We take all concerns seriously and are always open to answering your questions! Our best contact for us to help you would be our email ([email protected]), you can also contact us via our email form.
Alternatively, if you are a part of our Discord group you can create a ticket using our ticketing system and we'll jump on it right away.

Fursuit Making Hangout

Looking to attend a Fursuit Making Hangout? Heres some info and rules about the event.

Event Rules

  • You must ensure you don't make a mess. Please bring your own form of mat, tarp or newspaper to protect the floor and tables.

  • If you're using a hot glue gun, you must bring a heat-proof/hard object for it to rest against so the hot glue does not ruin the floor/tables.

  • If you're working with fur, please bring a lint roller or some form of fur-collecting tool to ensure the fur does not get over everything.

  • Do not shave fur at this event, it is a health risk to anyone without a mask and a pain to clean up.

  • If you're working with upholstery foam, collect all your offcuts and discard them as you go to avoid having a huge mess to clean up later.

I'm new to fursuit making, what do I bring?

If you've never made a fursuit before, we have a guide as to what you can bring if you'd like to begin your own fursuit! These hangouts will help you get through the starting and planning phase of making a fursuit, or to help you get some advice on how to improve a costume you're working on.

Run a Dealer's Table @ FFBBQ!

At every Fursuit Friendly BBQ (FFBBQ) we organise a tent for local artists to sell their goods and services, we call this the Dealer's Tent.
There is no cost to run a Dealer's Table, we do not take any of your profit either. You are allowed to run a table as long as you have at least one thing to sell, be it goods (stickers, prints, any kind of merchandise) or services (on-the-spot commissions).

Dealer's Table Rules

If you're an artist hoping to sell at the FFBBQ, you can sign-up to get a table here. To be an eligible vendor:

  • You will need to be able to take both some form of digital payment (Paypal, PayID, Bank Transfer, etc) and some cash. It is recommended you bring change in case of cash sales.

  • You must only sell SFW wares and services. FFBBQ is all-ages.

  • You can provide future commission services but must still have at least one product or on-the-spot service available.

  • You CAN share a table with any other artists.

There are no associated fees for running a table, and FFBBQ will not ask for a cut of your profits. You are free to run your table for as long or short as you want. If you've already done an FFBBQ table, you are free to sign-up again after you've done your table.
We do not prioritise artists for their perceived skill, experience with tables or stock. These tables are a great opportunity for artists to receive a spotlight, try tabling in a friendly environment, and make a bit of cash. There is no minimum or maximum number of products you can sell.
You will be added to the bottom of a queue and contacted when it is your turn to vend. If you are unable to make the day, the person next in queue will be chosen but you won't lose your position on the queue.

Come along to a furmeet!

Our group runs a variety of all-ages and adult-only furmeets every year-round ranging from outdoor barbeques and dinners to indoor gatherings for gaming and artists.

If you have trouble viewing the calender below, you can access our Google calender here!

Some of the meets we run...

Fursuit Friendly BBQ (FFBBQ)

These all-ages meets are held in the Adelaide CBD parklands! They're the largest all-ages furry event in Adelaide. A free BBQ lunch is provided (+ drinks) for all attendees and a small selection of local furry artists will be present to sell their wares! There are plenty of outdoor activities and things to do, newbies are always welcome! If you would like to run an artist table at a FFBBQ, see this page.

Mature Animals Weeknight Social (MAWS)

MAWS is an adult-only event for mature furries to socialise. These events are often run at a number of venues, with a different activity each time to shake things up!

Summer House Furmeet & Fursuit Walk

A free, all-ages meet held in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. This meet is a great opportunity to get to know others and show off your fursuit with a regular fursuit walk through Rundle Mall!

Fursuit Making Hangout

A free workshop for all furries to try their hand at fursuit making. Check this page for information as to what to bring if you're looking to attend one of these hangouts!

Artist Meet

A free event for furry artists of all skill-levels to relax and draw together. These events are typically smaller and a great space to make new friends if you're new to our community and interested in furry art!

Some other furry events in SA...


Run by Two Wolves Productions. This is Adelaide's biggest furry party event! FurBall's lineup always includes a wide array of local furry talent. Come along and dance the night away with SA's furry crowd.


Run by Two Wolves Productions. A free, all-ages market for furry merchants and artists to sell their work. This event typically runs on the same day as FurBall.

Send us an email!

Have any questions about the group or fandom? Feel free to reach out to us via email!